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Student Ambassador: A student body to officially represent the University to the outside community… What it is like to be a student at Zaman University!

Student Ambassadors are current students who act as a link between the university and the outside community.
You use their own experiences to spark people’s interest in university life and give them an idea of what it is like to be a student at Zaman University.


A representative structure to promote the interests and the involvement of students in the affairs of the University, in cooperation with the Board, Instructors, and Staff

The purposes of student council are:


Alumni association is a great way for Zaman University alumni to network with one another, both socially and professionally. Association meetings and events provide a forum for alumni to maintain bonds forged during their experience with each other and to build new friendships and connections. By joining an alumni association, alumni automatically plug themselves into a network of high-achieving professionals that can prove to be an invaluable career asset.


A platform for our graduates to build network, enhance school spirit, and bolster their level of engagement with the University.
  • Clubs & Organizations at Zaman University serves to provide students the opportunity to become engaged in the campus community, gain a deeper sense of belonging, and enhance their learning in a co-curricular setting.
  • Leaders and members of clubs have the opportunity to create inclusive communities for the student body that support the University’s mission.
  • Through clubs, students are able to develop leadership skil