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Winners of the Supreme Writing Contest Sharing Their Experience

It is the fourth year for the Supreme Paper company to hold its Supreme Writing Contest. This year, the organizers chose the theme “Product of Cambodia” for the competition as candidates were required to write essays about products that symbolize Cambodian nationality. The top five candidates were selected to pitch their essays on stage on 23rd August, 2018

Mr. Sodanid PHOUNG, the champion of the competition and a ZamanU graduate majoring in Civil Engineering, chose “Cambodian rice wine” as a product that represents Cambodia. Sodanid said that not only was he required to write an essay but also design his product with a label and logo to apply for the competition. The Civil Engineering graduate believed that his fluency in public speaking and writing were responsible for making him the champion in the competition.

Ms. Rida DUM, the second winner and a junior from ZamanU majoring in IR and Political Science, said that she chose “KokKhmer” or the Khmer sedge mat because it represents Cambodia and could be used for different purposes. She continued that her article was selected because her product is simple and unique. There was an excellent flow of ideas with good sentence structure in her essay.

Mr. Dara Mongkul KEO, the third winner and another ZamanU graduate of the IR department said his product is as known as “Palm Ice” or palm fruit topping with ice-cream because palm fruit represents Cambodia. In addition, “Palm Ice” is a signature dessert discovered by  Dara Mongkul and could be a favorite for ice-cream lovers. The palm ice-cream is sugar-free.

It should be noted that winners of the writing contest were awarded in cash. The champion of the competition received an award of four million riels while the first and second runner-ups were given three million riels and two million riels respectively.