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Ky Chamna's Internship at ThmeyThmey News

Ky Chamna is a sophomore student from the Department of Political Science and International Relations. Chamna would like to share his views and internship experience as an international news translator at ThmeyThmey News as follows:

“Workplaces change people in a certain way, whether it is by pressure or motivation. There is no direct route for achieving your dream or passionate job. Everything must be undergone twists and turns before you start realizing the things that benefit your life.

Working on international news translation tasks does keep me alert and updated with current global affairs which are aligned with the very nature of the International Relations study. Involvement in internship experience is nonetheless a very good start in testing your endurance toward a new workplace environment, especially for young adults like me.

Working with senior journalists alongside with other junior journalists does give me pictures of how work should be done despite differences in age and mindsets. And step by step, we have built a cooperative connection with each other.

The opportunity to start working since early adulthood gives you a sense of responsibility, flexibility, and a sense of how the society around you function as a whole.”