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Congratulations to Our Newly Recruited Student Ambassadors 2020

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Student Ambassadors. With this opportunity given, the Student Ambassadors will be working hard during their academic year 2019-2020, and we would like to appreciate the last year's Student Ambassadors for their efforts and contribution to the school.

Here is the list of our Student Ambassadors' name:
1. Sokleng Soun (President)
2. Sopheavattey Ngoun (Secretary)
3. Channara Hout
4. Chhiv Ing Chhoun
5. Gech Ing Ly
6. Gech Sim Ly
7. Kevin Keo
8. Lyhorng Heng
9. Mary Chhun
10. Pech Monyleap Neang
11. Pechzanyn Uong
12. Pichmonyrath Chhour
13. Pirey Phup Sothy
14. Sivmey Chhorn
15. Sopanha Mak
16. Sreypich Lay
17. Tityadarika Sy
18. Vouchleang Lim