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A Paragon Student won a Runner-up Award from CamDEBATE Sharing His Experience

It’s the first year for CamDEBATE to hold the first nation-wide Debate and Public Speaking competition. The top 10 finalists of the competition are awarded with a study trip to The United Kingdom and other prizes. Recently, on 11st August 2019, the competition has come to the final round with 20 finalists competed for the grand prize.

As a result, Mr. Bunly Ek, a Paragon International University Student majoring in International Relation, won a runner-up award among the 10 grand finalists in term of Public Speaking for University & Young Professional Level. Mr. Bunly said that this competition didn’t only require the fluency of Public Speaking but it is also heavily required critical thinking and the skill to tackle the audience attention and to not be nervous on the stage. He also believed that even though the competition has ended with a good result for him, but there are still a lot for him to learn. “It’s not only Public Speaking where you go up on the stage and talk, you have to find a way to insert deep messages so that your speech has a unique value and also have to keep the audience attention all the way to the end of your speech, which is the hardest part.”

It should be noted that the winner of this competition will be awarded with a 2-week study trip to the United Kingdom and scholarships from ACE.