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Cambodian Students to Participate in the ASEAN round of the Deloitte’s Risk Intelligence Challenge

On 26th April 2019, Deloitte Cambodia selected the champion team for Cambodia to participate in the ASEAN round of the Deloitte’s Risk Intelligence Challenge (RIC) that will be up-coming in June 2019. The decision came after a careful selection process from 60 teams of Cambodian students.

Ms. Boromey SIEK, a junior student majoring in Banking and Finance from Paragon International University (ParagonIU) and member of the champion team said that, the competition required Cambodian university students to form a team of four and attend an information-sharing session before submitting a research report about Industrial Revolution 4.0. Students needed to choose one of four industries including telecommunications, healthcare, entrepreneurship and manufacturing, and analyze the risks and situations of the industry in 2025 within a Cambodian context. At the final round of the challenge, the six selected teams out of sixty would need to choose a local company, analyze its risks and situations in the up-coming year of 2025. A committee of judges would make an assessment of their research according to the six teams’ presentation performances.

Ms. Kimly TRY, a junior student from Paragon International University as well as member to Boromey’s team shared her satisfaction with the competition. Kimly mentioned that, the challenge was very different from other competitions she had participated in; adding that this competition featured risk analysis for the Industrial Revolution 4.0; the competition posed a set of incredible challenges to her team and the teams of other students’. First, RIC had many competing teams. Second, the organizers had set a high standard of requirements and assessments to test students’ endurance, perseverance and creativity. Third, there was little data available to back up their research; the condition required the whole team to work hard together so that they could get reliable and comprehensive data. This was according to Kimly. Mr. Sokhom POV, a sophomore student majoring in Management of Information Systems from ParagonIU and member of the second runner-up team agreed with Kimly. According to Sokhom, RIC was very challenging. He added that each team was only offered a short period to conduct research before the deadline. His team did not have much time to prepare for their presentation in front of the judges too, according to the student participant.

It should be noted that only the champion team, who received an award prize of 500 USD, would go to Vietnam for the regional round. For the first runner-up team from American University of Phnom Penh and the second runner-up team from ParagonIU, they received a cash prize of 300 USD and 200 USD respectively.