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Welcome to Zaman University!
As an academic institution, we have had several proud moments. As of this year, we have held two exciting commencement ceremonies. Thanks to the quality education we provide, our graduates have received excellent job offers, as well as admission and scholarships to pursue their graduate studies around the world.
In spite of the relatively recent establishment of our university, Zaman’s reputation is widely acknowledged. Our students’ accomplishments in academic, co-curricular, and professional competitions also reflect the strong commitment and tremendous support by our faculty and staff. Our strength also lies in our comprehensive partnerships with relevant industries, where our students have had the opportunities to do internships or pursue careers after their graduation.
Our vision is to become a prominent university which contributes meaningfully to the higher education sector and human resource development in Cambodia and the region. To that end, we will continue to uphold and inculcate among our faculty, staff and students the core values of Zaman University: Responsibility, Integrity, Discovery, and Excellence.
As a university, it is our collective responsibility to keep up with and expand our achievements. As Rector, and on behalf of our university administration, it is my mission to make Zaman University an environment that fosters and supports intellectual growth and life-long learning among our faculty, staff, and students, and most importantly, make it a place we can all identify ourselves with and be proud of.
I wish everyone a successful academic year!
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deth Sok Udom