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RMIT Foudation Studies Program at Zaman University

On 15 June 2018, Zaman University signed an agreement with RMIT Training, which is a company under RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia that provides educational services to international students through the RMIT Foundation Studies. Based on this agreement, Zaman University has been chosen as the official partner of RMIT Training in Cambodia and has been authorized to offer RMIT Foundation Studies at Zaman University.

Professional Training Program on Self Motivation

Self-Motivation workshop will be beneficial for those who are trying to excel in high productivity. All participants will be able to take the keys to unlock their high potentials which weren’t seen prior to the session.

Self-Motivation will add a great value in both personal and professional to all kinds of participants, providing the tools and techniques as well as the understanding to assist to drive their self-motivation and understanding yourself better.

Registration Deadline: March 30, 2018

Professional Training Program on Time Management

The Time Management workshop is intended for any employees and every individual. Anyone who would like to seek tips on how to make use of their daily time to the fullest and excel in their job can participate and join in some practical sharing sessions.

The Time Management will add a great value in both personal and professional to all kinds of participants, providing the tools and techniques as well as the understanding to assist to drive their time effectively and efficiently.

Registration Deadline: March 10, 2018

Professional Training Program on Computer Networks

In a world where information and communication are two of the most important strategic issues for the success of every enterprise, every one of us, from the student that wants to understand better the technologies that she/h

Professional Training Program on Retail Management

Center for Professional Development (CPE) which is an initiative of Zaman Univ

Study Trip to South Korea 2018

Zaman University and Solbridge International Business School organize a Study Trip to South Korea in the upcoming spring!!!

Students will experience more than an abroad trip. On top of City Tour and sightseeing, you will also get the chance to attend courses and workshops offering by the international school in Korea, company and university visit, plus other fun activities.

Date: 12th to 17th April 2018

Program includes:

Summer Course Open: International Political Economy

This course, International Political Economy, will highlight and examine the reasons why states developed the way they did- why some states are poor, while some others are prosperous; and why some states have good governance, while others do not. It examines the inner workings of a state, and tries to ascertain why they developed the way they did, through analyzing its economic growth and governance.

Zaman University Scholarships 2018

For 2018-2019, Zaman University is offering scholarships to high school graduates from 2018 and earlier through different categories.

Scholarship categories

1. National Academic Olympiads (2017-2018)

2017's Annual Student Conference at Zaman University

This year, the 4th Annual Student Conference will continue serving the purpose of providing a platform for students to share their knowledge and research activities by presenting them to the public. Distinguished intellectuals and professionals will be serving as chairs and discussants of the panels and will provide feedback on the research papers.

The primary participants of this conference are university students in Cambodia and from the regions.